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Title: Small-to-Medium Businesses - the economy's foot soldiers

Author: Tracey Westacott

Date: Tuesday 12th May 2020

Sadly, the current disruption and, for some, the hard stop due to COVID-19 is the latest storm that micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) must face. For some businesses, this near-perfect storm is just the latest battle; for others, it may be the first real test of their resilience. However, the UK is a country founded on business tenacity, resilience and innovation. Putting to one side the Government’s short-term fiscal support policy, what else can SMEs do right now to not just survive but flourish going forward? That elusive pink unicorn has never been so sought after by some.


Title: The Art of Leadership

Author: Tracey Westacott

Date: Monday 6th April 2020

Let’s not sugar coat this; right now to get through this storm and deliver the much-needed reboot, effective leadership is needed. We all need faith that some of us can and will step up to the mark in the coming weeks and months, saying “I’ve got this; just follow me.” So to ask the fabled question found in numerous MBAs and military trainings, what exactly is leadership and how can we find it in ourselves to lead when needed?


Title: Sometimes sadly the devil is in the detail

Author: Tracey Westacott

Date: Monday 29th January 2018

Those close to me know how much I like to work with intuition as much as hard data. I can say that as a mathematician without too much irony! However, any good strategist knows that, to achieve their goals, they do sometimes need to look at what the data is trying to tell them. The recent collapse of Carillion has had many of us asking questions – why did it take so long to spot? Surely, the warning signs were there (way before any profit warning). One thing that has jumped out for me amongst the plethora of post mortems in the press is around the acquisitions history of the company...


Title: When 'why' is the biggest word - the art of goal setting

Author: Tracey Westacott

Date: Thursday 4th January 2018

Goals preoccupy us in all walks of life. Consider the dreaded university application process. A friend’s son has been deliberating between politics and sports science as a degree, not your usual dilemma, you might think. Interested in both, he has gone down the common route of picking one that is more akin good job prospects after university. In the current economic uncertainty, it’s a valid approach but is it the best one for him and is it what he really wants?...

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